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Tell me how well acquainted are you with your tween, have you got it all figured out. Don’t worry no one has and that’s the beauty of it, the endless questions, dreadful decisions, and the long wait for finding a purpose.

If I could divide this age into conceivable parts…

< Dedicated to an unknown emotion a mere abstract >

bits and pieces scattered around the corner

of my mind

residuals from dopamine releases

hidden creases of the dark world

the pieces lie there

patiently waiting

waiting as they are

to be made sense again

not to be ignored

but one fine day

they bundle up

hurricanes and tornadoes of impending doom

trying to swallow every ray of light

harder I resist

stronger they come

My tears mixed with rain

I carried a satchel

full of mistake

clueless I caressed every corner in my heart

The search was for light

It was for the color

the numbness was killing me

yet, I declared war

silence of my demons was a reminder

of the fight that will be bestowed upon me

To question my existence

To make me rise a realm above reality

I did

I highlighted black

made it my pride

to search the pink

Saundarya Tyagi

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